Breachers brings the concept of Rainbow Six Siege to VR

Breachers brings the concept of Rainbow Six Siege to VR

Breachers is a promising VR shooter in the works: A technically skilled studio is behind the homage to Rainbow Six Siege.

For fans of competitive VR shooters, the principle of Breachers alone sounds appealing: The VR game is strongly focused on tactical action like in Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege. The concept of small, winding battlefields sounds especially interesting for VR, as players can lean out of numerous covers with their bodies.

Triangle Factory, the makers of the small but very well-made Hyper Dash, are behind the title. This VR shooter relied on creative VR movement on rails that allowed players to glide through arenas quickly and effectively. A unique gaming experience.

Breachers: Rainbow Six Siege in VR

The new multiplayer title is released for numerous VR platforms and is supposed to be very realistic. A five-man special forces team storms a twisted laboratory complex. Meanwhile, the defending team of the same size prepares for the attack with technical gadgets, mines, and motion detectors.

Presumably, a (more or less) dynamic destruction system also plays an important role here. In Rainbow Six Siege, special units blow up wall breaches or barricade them with additional cover plates. In Breachers, too, you can climb walls with ropes or blow up reinforced windows.


You can buy assault rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, and smaller secondary weapons from the in-game store before a round starts. Also available are gadgets such as grenades, drones, electrocution traps, as well as active camouflage to become almost invisible. The credits visible in the store indicate that all of this can be bought with freshly earned in-game currency.

Is Breachers coming to PSVR 2 as well?

Breachers is in the works for Meta Quest 2, Steam, Vive, and Pico systems (like Pico Neo 3 Link). The price for the game is not yet known. The game is scheduled to launch in late 2022.

The studio mentions that "all major VR platforms" will be supported - so a later implementation for Playstation VR 2 is likely. PSVR 2 will be released in early 2023.