Meta Quest: Update 66 significantly improves Mixed Reality of Quest 3

Meta Quest: Update 66 significantly improves Mixed Reality of Quest 3

The Meta Quest v66 update reduces distortion in pass-through mode and adds new features such as background audio and wrist buttons.


Meta is currently rolling out the v66 software update for the Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro VR headsets. The update brings a number of improvements and new features.

The most significant new feature is a reduction in image distortion in pass-through mode on the Quest 3. Optimizations to the software are designed to make hands and objects look more natural in mixed reality and less distorted as they move. The alignment of the virtual hands with the real hands in pass-through has also been improved to make interactions with virtual objects more intuitive.

Meta notes that these changes are being rolled out gradually to avoid unforeseen problems. As a result, some users may not experience the improved pass-through, even if they have v66 installed. In these cases, the feature will be added at a later date.

Another new feature is support for background audio in 2D apps. For example, users can now start a podcast or video in the browser, minimize the app, and continue listening to the audio while playing in VR or meeting with friends in social VR apps.

Meta is also working on hand tracking in v66 by introducing experimental buttons on the wrists. These can be used to open and close the in-game and system menus with the touch of a finger, similar to the corresponding buttons on the controllers. The feature can be enabled in the experimental settings.


Beginning June 27, children and teens between the ages of 10 and 12 who are under the same parental supervision will automatically be visible in the Family Center. This change will be automatic for those already using Parental Supervision. Those who wish to initiate parental monitoring can do so through the Family Center.

You can view the full release notes for System Update 65 online.


Quest 3 continues to be the focus of improvements

With the v64 update, Meta introduced a number of passthrough optimizations that subtly improved the mixed reality experience of Quest 3, benefiting both the practical use of passthrough in everyday life and immersive mixed reality games. With the current v66 update, Meta continues on this path and significantly improves the passthrough display, which is especially important for mixed reality applications.

Update v65 also introduced two features that were recently introduced first with Apple's Vision Pro: panoramic photo import and spatial video playback for all iPhones from iOS 17. The latter was previously only available on the iPhone 15 Pro (Max). The latest updates show that Meta is responding to innovations from the competition and is quickly adding similar features to its own headsets and improving existing ones. Quest users will benefit from more competition in the VR market.

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