Meta Quest v65 update copies another Vision Pro feature

Meta Quest v65 update copies another Vision Pro feature

System update vv65 for Meta Quest includes the ability to import panoramas from iPhones and another passthrough improvement.


System update v65 is out to Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro owners since April 30, 2024. As always, it may take up to a week or longer for the update to reach all users.

It brings the following features and improvements:

  • Following the introduction of spatial video playback, Meta is copying another Vision Pro feature. After installing system update v65, panoramas can now also be uploaded to Meta's cloud server via the Meta Quest app and then viewed in VR. This feature works with all iPhones running iOS 17 or later.

  • Spatial video playback is now possible with all iPhones that have iOS 17 or later installed. Previously, this was only possible with the iPhone 15 Pro (Max).

  • Passthrough mode is now supported across all system interfaces, including the lock screen and power off menu. Previously, Quest switched to a gray background for these and other important panels.


  • There should now be fewer interruptions due to hand tracking when using the mouse and keyboard, regardless of whether the mouse and keyboard are connected to the headset via Bluetooth or not.

You can view the full release notes for system update v65 online.


New Quest features thanks to Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro has only been on the market for three months, but it is already having a positive effect on Quest users who are getting new features for their headsets. Spatial video playback and panorama import are the first examples of how Quest and consumers are benefiting from more competition in the market.

The second major improvement is also welcome: There's no reason why Meta Quest 3 shouldn't support passthrough across all UI elements, and with the v65 system update, it finally does, making the headset easier to use.

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