Huge Meta Quest v62 update adds Spatial Video playback and much more

Huge Meta Quest v62 update adds Spatial Video playback and much more

Meta's latest Quest update adds over a dozen new features and upgrades, one of the largest software upgrades ever.


Meta's Quest v62 update is rolling out now, one day in advance of the arrival of the Apple Vision Pro. The timing is perfect, since Quest headsets will reportedly give access to Spatial Video playback in 3D before most Vision Pro owners.

The v62 update includes several other significant upgrades like support for external gamepads, a good match for the recently released Xbox Cloud Gaming beta app. Many wireless and wired controllers will work, including PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless, PlayStation 4 DualShock, and Xbox controllers.

YouTube livestreaming is possible, including live chat, when using OBS software on your Windows PC.

For Quest 3 owners, you'll spend less time scanning when you move to another room. Up to 15 spaces are saved, giving you more freedom to move around without delaying your game time. Meta has worked on microphone issues, so audio quality should be improved.

The Oculus PC app is now called Quest Link. It's more than just a name change, however. Quest Link can now run at up to 120Hz and supports hand and body tracking. For the Quest Pro, eye and face tracking data is sent to the PC as well. Quest Link now officially supports the Nvidia 4000 series GPUs.



When Meta rolls out Quest updates, it can take several weeks for everyone to get the latest features. Some public test channel users have already been testing some of these features.

Even on PTC, you might not get the latest features. I tried a Quest 3 and a Quest Pro that have v62 in PTC, but I didn't see any of the updates Meta mentioned.

The bottom line is to keep your headset on the charger when you're not using it and wait patiently for the latest system software to roll out to your device. It might arrive quickly but could take a month or more.

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