Meta Quest: Off-road action with MudRunner VR announced

Meta Quest: Off-road action with MudRunner VR announced

MudRunner VR transfers the classic MudRunner experience into a new VR adventure developed by Saber Interactive specifically for Meta Quest.


Saber Interactive announces MudRunner VR, a new off-road driving experience for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro. The VR game puts you behind the wheel of eight massive four-wheel drive vehicles as you traverse extreme landscapes. Using a map, your equipment, and your wits, you must overcome challenges and complete missions in inhospitable environments.

MudRunner VR features a story mode and a free play mode. You will face muddy terrain, raging rivers and other realistically reacting obstacles. Each vehicle has its characteristics and customizable equipment.

You can interact with various elements of the cockpit and even get out of the vehicle to perform actions such as attaching the winch cable or refueling. There is no specific release date yet.


Virtual reality simulation games are in trend

In addition to MudRunner VR, there are now a number of interesting VR games that creatively bring simulations to VR. In Dig VR, you take on the role of an excavator driver and complete various construction jobs in the fictional town of Diglington. The game features authentic controls and numerous customization options for the excavator.

Lawn Mowing Simulator VR from Curve Games and Skyhook Games lets you mow variously designed lawns with licensed lawn mowers and string trimmers. The immersive lawn mowing experience is available for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro and currently costs $20 in the Meta Store.


Ndreams' Power Wash Simulator VR lets you clean virtual objects like dog kennels, motorcycles, and playground equipment with a pressure washer. The precise controls are optimized for VR motion controllers, and a detailed report shows the cleaning status.

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