Power Wash Simulator VR: "What a mess"

Power Wash Simulator VR:

Don't let the silly trailer fool you: Power Wash Simulator VR is a real everyday simulation for Meta Quest 2.


What is the motivation to spray virtual doghouses, motorcycles, and other everyday objects with a pressure washer? This question ran through my head as I played the everyday sim Power Wash Simulator VR on the Quest 2. This review's provocative headline doesn't refer to the quality of the app - the app is well-executed.

It's the massive appeal that isn't clear to me. English VR studio Ndreams is currently working on a Quest 2 version of the everyday sim. According developer Futurlab, over seven million players already love the original game on PC and consoles.

Made for virtual reality

During the demo, it became clear that virtual washing could become dry in the long run. At least if, like me, you find simulations of everyday life a little boring. At least the controls worked very well and felt native to VR motion controllers.

I guided the spray jet with centimeter precision over play structures, quads, and other objects covered with a layer of dirt. A detailed roster shows the cleaning status of each object in places like terraces, sidewalks, garages,and public parks. Vehicles, trains, and carnival rides also await a cleaning later in the game.


The branching menus contain numerous unlockable nozzles and bottle attachments with special cleaning agents. Ndreams is currently working on implementing as many of the original's features as possible in virtual reality.

During the action, I selected many things using a classic circular radial menu. In the virtual neighborhood of the online multiplayer, friends can also live out their cleaning dreams together.


Perhaps it was also due to the still-unfinished state of the game that I couldn't quite understand the enthusiasm of the other players. Instead of jumping right into Little Cities, presented next door, I probably should have secured a better spot in line for the VR car wash.

Cleaning mania for Meta Quest

When it was my turn, no new game could be started, so I had to finish cleaning the remains of my predecessor's session while dealing with minor bugs. Even in its finished state, I probably won't become a fan of the VR game.


Don't get me wrong - in the real world, I sometimes get a cleaning bug myself. Especially when birds turn my parked car into a Splatoon map. But  at least the cathartic trip to the self-service car wash results in an actual real vehicle instead of just a clean vehicle in the VR world.

Power Wash Simulator VR will be released in 2023 for Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro. Conversions to other VR platforms have not yet been announced.

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Sources: Ndreams/Square Enix