Have you ever wanted to drive a digger? Dig VR for Meta Quest lets you do just that

Have you ever wanted to drive a digger? Dig VR for Meta Quest lets you do just that

Shovel, dig, have fun: Dig VR brings the excavator fun from the construction site straight to your home.


Wired Productions and Just Add Water announced Dig VR at Wired Direct 24. This will be the first excavator simulator for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

Set in the charming town of Diglington, Dig VR lets you gain experience as a VR excavator operator. With authentic controls, you can take on construction jobs and quirky requests. The game features its own radio station, DIG FM, and various customization options for the excavator. There are solo and multiplayer modes. Including fast-paced mini-games, a sandbox mode, and a Lost Treasure mode with regularly added items.

You control excavators of various sizes through a virtual environment. It begins with a simple mini-excavator before you gradually work your way up to larger and larger machines. As you progress, you unlock different attachments that allow you to perform more challenging tasks.


Simulators have a large fan base

Just Add Water is well known for the stealth shooter Sniper Elite VR: Winter Warrior. With Dig VR, the studio enters the popular field of VR simulators. These use the power of virtual reality to transform tasks that are often considered routine in real life into immersive gaming experiences.

In titles like Lawn Mowing Simulator VR or Power Wash Simulator VR, for example, you take care of the lawn and clean various objects and environments with a pressure washer. In some cases, real tools are even licensed and transferred to virtual reality.


Power Wash Simulator VR is also constantly being expanded with new DLCs. Publisher nDreams made one of the biggest deals in VR history last year when Swedish gaming group Aonic acquired the studio for $110 million.

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