Meta Quest 3 will most likely get an official charging dock accessory

Meta Quest 3 will most likely get an official charging dock accessory

Meta Quest 3 will likely get an optional charging dock for the headset and controller, as indicated by an FCC approval.

The US agency tests electronic devices for compliance with wireless technology standards. Products must receive FCC approval before they can launch on the U.S. market. When FCC documents show that a product has received approval, it is often an indication that a product launch is imminent.

Both Meta Quest 3 and the new ringless Touch Plus controllers have already received FCC approval. Now, FCC documents have surfaced suggesting that Meta will be releasing an official charging dock for Quest 3. The documents were first spotted by Brad Lynch.

Meta itself has not yet announced a charging dock. However, pictures of the Meta Quest 3 show charging contacts, suggesting that Meta is planning such an accessory. A charging dock has been released for the Meta Quest Pro, and the charging contacts on both headsets look similar.


New VR controllers can be charged as well

The FCC documents also state that the dock supports wireless charging of controllers. The model numbers of the controllers listed in the FCC document match those of the Touch Plus controllers and their respective FCC approval. This suggests that the dock can charge the Quest 3 controllers. The question is, how?

XR headset Quest Pro on the charging station on a table

Quest Pro with charging dock. | Image: Meta

According to the FCC documents, the Touch Plus controllers use batteries. Could it be that the Touch Plus controllers come with rechargeable batteries that charge wirelessly when you place them in the charging dock, but can be replaced with regular AA batteries when you don't want to use the charging dock?

Quest Pro's Touch Pro controllers use charging contacts and non-replaceable batteries. Meta could therefore take a middle course with Touch Plus controllers. We should know more on September 27. That's when Meta Quest 3 will be fully unveiled.

I have argued in a separate article why a charging dock is a good idea that would solve many problems with Quest headsets.