Meta sets the pace: Quest 3 with mega RPG - and what is Apple doing?

Meta sets the pace: Quest 3 with mega RPG - and what is Apple doing?

Apple plans to unveil its VR/AR headset next week. Meta managed to get ahead of Apple this week. Lenovo and Ultraleap are still part of the game.

Meta announces Quest 2 Sony style, showcases many VR games

It was a bit of a surprise when the Quest 3 announcement suddenly appeared on the Meta blog on Wednesday. Basically, it wasn't much more than confirmation of previous leaks and the Gurman hands-on, plus the price and some news about price cuts and performance gains for Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

So, while Meta announced the new VR/AR headset rather blandly, Sony-style, the Gaming Showcase featured more VR games than the last three or four Playstation Showcases combined. In addition to new titles like Vampire: The Masquerade Justice and Bulletstorm VR, Sanzaru Games impressed with the first true RPG for Quest 2 and 3: Asgard's Wrath 2.

You can read opinions on the price discussion and Quest 3 announcement behind the links.

More Apple XR rumors

Over the course of the week, there have been some new leaks about Apple's VR/AR headset. First there were details about the displays, which are said to show 4,000 pixels per inch. This was followed by a manufacturing report, which stated that the Apple headset is difficult to produce and built with very specialized components.

Finally, there were rumors about health warnings for the headset.

Leap Motion with new hand tracking and Lenovo with new B2B headset

Ultraleap offers some of the best hand tracking around with its Leap Motion modules for VR headsets. Now the company has announced the next generation with Leap Motion 2.


Lenovo hasn't stopped after their Windows Mixed Reality experiments and is building VR headsets for business. The ThinkReality VRX is now available in Germany, the USA, and other select markets. The mobile VR/AR headset offers color see-through, putting it at the forefront of the current XR field.

AI is the foundation of mixed reality, says Meta

Searching for the next big hardware platform, Meta and soon Apple are experimenting with VR and AR headsets. Artificial intelligence is the foundation of this new class of devices, says Meta. Meanwhile, Voyager plays Minecraft on its own, thanks to GPT-4.

ChatGPT should not have deteriorated in quality either, says OpenAI.

Read more AI news in THE DECODER magazine.

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