Juicy Apple XR headset details leak days before a possible WWDC reveal

Juicy Apple XR headset details leak days before a possible WWDC reveal

Details of the display technology used in Apple's XR headset leak from a reliable supply chain insider mere days before a possible WWDC announcement.

Things are heating up in the VR headset and AR glasses worlds as rumors suggest Apple's XR headset could be arriving soon. Details have been scarce for many years, but a juicy leak was just posted by a reliable source with ties to the display industry.

Apple XR headset display specifications

According to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, Apple's XR headset will feature micro-OLED displays that exceed 5,000 nits of peak brightness. By comparison, the panels of an iPhone 14 Pro reach a maximum of 2,000 nits.

It should be noted that the brightness that reaches the eye could be significantly reduced, depending on the lenses used in Apple's headset. The glass screen of an iPhone lets nearly all light pass, but to allow you to focus on a screen that's about an inch from your eye, a special lens is needed, resulting in much lower brightness.

Young also stated the display resolution was 4K per eye with a 4,000 pixel-per-inch density. This could be the sharpest image ever seen in a consumer headset, even eclipsing the Varjo Aero. Each eye is said to have a 1.41" display, which is large enough for a good field of view (FOV), depending on the lenses used.


The WWDC event is next Wednesday, June 5, 2023. We'll might know all of the details of Apple's XR headset in about a week.

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