Apple's XR headset may come with health warnings

Apple's XR headset may come with health warnings

Apple might warn customers with health issues about the potential impact of using the Reality Pro XR headset.

A recent tweet from Mark Gurman suggests Apple may be concerned about the health impacts for some customers interested in its first XR headset. Apple has emphasized health after launching the Apple Watch, which contains sensors to track heart rate, blood oxygen, and more, notifying the wearer of potential heart problems.

The launch of the Apple Reality Pro is seen by some as a risky move so Apple might be exercising extra caution to avoid additional controversy.

Extended reality and health

AR and VR headsets have special considerations since they separate the wearer from reality, putting strain on our vision and sense of balance (see Motion Sickness).

Gurman highlighted several conditions that could cause concern, stating, "Apple is also discussing notifying potential customers with certain conditions that they should not buy or use the device due to the impact AR and VR may have on their health."

Gurman also mentioned that Apple is building an area at Apple Park to demonstrate its XR headset's FaceTime, Apple TV+, and gaming capabilities.

A final note in the tweet mentioned reports of overheating during early testing. Apple products rarely suffer from overheating. It seems unlikely that the Reality Pro would ship with thermal issues.

We should know more on Monday when Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference event begins.

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