This app turns your Meta Quest 3 into a 3D camera

This app turns your Meta Quest 3 into a 3D camera

You can use your Meta Quest 3 as a 3D camera, but the process is quite laborious.

Meta Quest 3 uses two 4-megapixel RGB cameras to capture the physical environment and display it on the screens, giving you the sensation of looking at the real world through the headset. Alternatively, you can use these sensors to capture stereoscopic video. Something that Meta does not officially support.

The photo gallery app immerGallery helps you to set up the device and record 3D videos in the right way. A YouTube video (see below) guides you through the individual steps.

First, you need a developer account and Sidequest. You can find out how to create one and install Sidequest in our sideloading guide or in many other online guides. With Sidequest, you then need to enter a series of ADB commands. You can find these on the official immerGallery website by scrolling to the bottom of the FAQ. Once you have done this, you can enable the 3D camera function in the immerGallery app.

Vision Pro is a 3D camera out of the box

The application shows you a digital water scale to help you take the best possible video shots (read: avoid nausea while watching the content later). For 3D photos, you need to take screenshots of the video on your PC and then copy them back to your device. You can then view them with immerGallery.

As you can see, the process is quite tedious. We can only hope that Meta will make it easier to use the Quest 3 as a 3D camera in the future with an update or even develop its own camera app.


"A dedicated 3D camera will give you a bit higher quality and will be easier to use. But if you are a beginner in 3D photo and video capturing and you want to experiment with it a bit, I think it is a great extra on Quest 3 if you already have the device," writes immerGallery developer Daniel Pohl on Reddit.

By the way, Apple Vision Pro will offer a 3D camera feature right out of the box. The device is also much better suited for this use case due to its better sensors.

You can purchase ImmerGallery in the App Lab for $15.