Apple's AR/VR headset Vison Pro is also a 3D video and still camera

Apple's AR/VR headset Vison Pro is also a 3D video and still camera

The Apple Vision Pro can record spatial memories. At the touch of a button, it captures 3D videos and photos that can be played back in a virtual cinema.

Apple's Vision Pro VR/AR headset proved to be multi-talented when it was announced today. It blends the image of the outside world captured by cameras with computer graphics to enable augmented reality applications or make virtual screens float in space.

Along the way, the headset also serves as Apple's first 3D camera. It records spatial images and films that can later be viewed in a large virtual cinema within the mixed reality headset.

Apple Vision Pro as a 3D camera

The recording is simple. In the trailer, a dad wore the VR/AR headset and watched his children play with the video transparency. A push of a button was all it took to record the scene right before his eyes. 3D photos can also be taken this way to capture memories spatially. This also includes the matching sound.

Videos recorded with the Vision Pro can be viewed in a similar way to a 3D cinema. | Video: Apple

To prevent unwanted videos, the headset's front screen flashes in a smooth, pulsating change between black and white during recording.


The resulting "spatial recordings" can later be played back on the mixed reality headset on a large virtual screen surrounded by a dimmed view of the physical surroundings. There, the square shaped videos run appear within a rounded square player window and display a realistic depth effect.

According to Apple, the spatial effect is particularly effective when viewers lean forward toward the screen - as if they were looking through a window into another world.

Older media also benefits from being displayed under the headset. Apple explained, "Every Panorama shot on iPhone expands and wraps around the user, creating the sensation they are standing right where it was taken." Your entire photo library can be accessed in iCloud to view photos and videos in rich detail and life-size.

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