Meta Quest (2) & SteamVR: In Virtuoso you learn VR instruments

Meta Quest (2) & SteamVR: In Virtuoso you learn VR instruments

Virtuoso aims to inspire the magic of music - with made-up instruments that only exist in VR. Fast Travel Games brings the VR app for Meta Quest and SteamVR.

In the real world, spontaneous improvisations are among the most inspiring moments when making music. The VR app Virtuoso for Meta Quest (2) and SteamVR also invites you to improvise: Here you can play spacious fantasy instruments like the "Oorgan" organ, which only exist in virtual reality. Real instruments like a drum kit or a harp serve as templates.

Virtuoso: Interplay between VR and music

Virtuoso sees itself primarily as a sound stage with a "sandbox" character. The target group includes music professionals as well as beginners who have no experience with real instruments. Automatic adjustments of key and tempo make it easier to get started.

So far, you can only make music on your own on the six available VR instruments, but with so-called loops, which are short recordings of your melodies or rhythms, you can accompany yourself as in a professional music program.

If you also want to include your voice, you can simply warble into the microphone and refine the singing with a reverb effect. In this way, you can record entire songs in multiple voices with different instruments. You can share the result on the web afterward.


For more ergonomics, you can reposition the elements of the drum kit. You are probably not quite as free as in the SteamVR app EXA: The Infinite Instrument: There, different instrument shapes can be painted directly into the room.

Virtuoso makes the leap into the official store

Virtuoso was previously available for free in the Sidequest store as well as the App Lab for experimental apps. But ReallyInteractive's music game has been so well received that it has attracted the interest of VR game maker Fast Travel Games.

The Swedes are bringing the music app to the official Meta Quest store and the Steam store. The release date in both cases is on March 10, a price has not yet been set. Here you can find Virtuoso in the Meta Quest store and for SteamVR.

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