Meta Quest (2): Beautiful quillustrations and how to see them

Meta Quest (2): Beautiful quillustrations and how to see them

Quillustrations are a fascinating young VR art form. I'll show you how to experience some of the most beautiful 3D 360 scenes.

Quillustrations are 3D illustrations created with the VR app Quill. With this, artists can draw and animate objects and entire scenes by hand in virtual reality. Since 2016, this has developed into an art form.

In Oculus TV, you can search specifically for Quillustrations by activating the "VR Animation" filter. What follows is a subjective and by no means exhaustive list of the most impressive Quill artworks, as well as instructions on how to view them with Meta Quest (2). Don't worry, it's easy!

List of the beautiful Quillustrations

An Afternoon in Tokyo

A young man and a young woman meet on a staircase. In anime style. An amazingly lifelike and atmospheric scene.

Ein junger Mann und eine junge Frau auf einer Treppe, im Hintergrund Tokyo.

This scene is inspired by the anime film "Your Name". | Image: Léa Peirano

Anim Brush Portrait

Stylized portrait of a man. What you can't see in the picture: The colors and shapes flow and give the portrait liveliness.

Porträt eines Mannes in Nahaufnahme

This is Matt Schaefer's first attempt at an animated portrait. Impressive. | Image: Matt Schaefer

Ant Megacolony

A dystopian megacity in dioramic miniature format. Incredibly detailed. Especially cool: The other views teleport you to different corners of the city.

Dystopische Cyberpunk-Megacity

This city served as a backdrop for a Quill movie. | Image: Studio Syro

Bio Excavation Facility

A cylindrical sci-fi facility with hovering robots. The artist recommends viewing it while standing.

Eine futuristische, zylinderförmige Grabungsanlage.

This quillustration represents a "biomechanical planet," according to Schaefer. | Image: Matt Schaefer

Couch Potatoes

It's Valentine's Day. A couple sits on the couch munching popcorn by the light of the TV.

Ein Paar sitzt vor der Glotze und mampft Popcorn.

Two couch potatoes enjoy a movie night. | Image: Daniel Peixe

Lifetime Achievement

  • Studio: Parade Animation
  • Link to experience: Oculus TV

Lifetime Achievement is more than a quillustration. It is a touching animated film about what matters in life.

Zwei schrullige Figuren sitzen an einem Tisch und unterhalten sich.

Lifetime Achievement is the longest narrative film to date drawn and animated entirely in VR. | Image: Parade Animation

Lunch Break

This quillustration is inspired by the famous black and white photograph by Charles C. Ebbets. Not for people with a fear of heights.

Zwei Bauarbeiter sitzen über dem Abgrund und essen Sandwiches.

Two mismatched construction workers take a lunch break. | Image: Daniel Peixe

Lustration VR

A Quill adaptation of the comic book of the same name. You'll find yourself in Cheri's Diner, an in-between world where the deceased arrive after their death.

Eine Kellnerin in einem typischen US-Diner

You can view the scene from different angles, allowing you to listen in on visitors' conversations. | Image: New Canvas


Namoo is a full-fledged VR film. It tells the moving story of an artist who strays from his path.

Ein junges Paar sitzt in romantischer Beleuchtung unter einem Baum.
Namoo was drawn at various festivals and was an Oscar contender. | Image: Baobab Studios

No Fate

Anyone who has seen Terminator 2 should know this scene. According to Matt Schaefer, he still can't get it out of his mind.

Skelett hält sich in Feuerwalze an Drahtzaun fest

A nuclear nightmare: The fireball hits Sarah Connor. | Image: Matt Schaefer

The Cupola

The Cupola is the observation tower of the ISS. The quillustration is inspired by a true incident.

Mann spielt schwebend Saxophon in der Cupola, im Hintergrund die Erde.

Depicted is French astronaut Thomas Pesquet. | Image: Léa Peirano

The Remedy

The Remedy is a VR film and one of the most impressive examples of what is possible with Quill. It's about a young woman who embarks on a dangerous journey to find a cure for her sick son.

Kleine Figur steht in einem feuerroten Tempel

The Remedy is visually stunning and drawn with the highest level of artistry. | Image: Daniel Peixe

Vampire in the Sun

A young woman with a parasol sits in a tranquil patch of woods. An idyll. Or is it?

Frau mit Schirm sitzt im Wald, vor ihr ein bewegungsloser Körper

In this scene, nothing is what it seems at first glance. Image: Daniel Peixe

How to watch the Quillustrations with Meta Quest (2)

  1. Select a quillustration you want to watch and click on the link I provided.
  2. You will be redirected to the corresponding Oculus TV page. Log in to your account, if necessary.
  3. Click on "Watch Later."
  4. Put on your Meta Quest and open Oculus TV.
  5. You should see the Quillustration under the "Saved" section. Now you just have to click on it.

Make sure to activate the "HD" option in the playback menu so that the Quillustrations are displayed in high resolution. This makes a big difference visually. Performance problems may occur on the original Oculus Quest.

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