Matter: Universal smart home standard postponed again

Matter: Universal smart home standard postponed again

The CSA postpones the launch of Matter yet another time. When will the new smart home standard be introduced?

The new smart home standard Matter aims to change the Internet of Things (IoT) forever. In the future, all devices will be able to communicate with each other, regardless of which manufacturer they come from. What smart home enthusiasts have been longing for years should finally become reality this summer. Now Matter is being postponed yet again.

Eve CEO: Matter is the gamechanger for the smart home

Jerome Gackel, CEO of German smart home manufacturer Eve Systems, calls Matter a gamechanger for the smart home. Matter is a universal language that allows IP-based smart home devices to communicate with each other locally and directly, Gackel said. The new standard thus means the end of isolated solutions in the networked home.

Eve Systems was itself involved in the development as part of the Matter founding alliance Connected Home Over IP and made its devices Thread Matter-enabled early on. Until now, Eve has only supported Apple's HomeKit. Matter, however, opens up these compatibility boundaries and would allow users of Alexa or Google Home to integrate Eve products into their smart home system for the first time.

Matter: More time for quality assurance

Until no one has to pay attention to compatibility notes anymore, it will take longer than expected. In a blog post, the lead organization Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) announces that it wants to postpone Matter another time. The reason is quality assurance.


The CSA wants to clean up the code, further improve quality and stability, and certify more devices. As a result, Matter 1.0 is expected to launch with a "robust supply chain of development platforms for more devices." Access control features, device attestation, security and device interaction features are also expected to be further optimized.

CSA announces new release date for Matter

After another test event in the spring, the final Matter Specification Validation Event (SVE) is scheduled to be held in the summer. At the SVE, more than 130 devices from over 50 member companies will be tested, including 15 different device and sensor types.

Matter 1.0 is then scheduled to be released a few months later. The CSA gives a rough release date of fall 2022. After that, the alliance will open the certification program to all manufacturers who want to make their devices Matter-compatible.

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