Barbecue, Soccer, Yoga: Little Cities Update brings your VR City to Life

Barbecue, Soccer, Yoga: Little Cities Update brings your VR City to Life

The cities in the VR game Little Cities for Quest 2 are coming more and more to live.

Little Cities is a city-building simulation for Quest, Quest 2 and Quest Pro. The latest update adds citizens who go about their daily activities. The little citizens walk around the city interacting with buildings, parks and other attractions.

You'll see them hanging out on the beach, barbecuing in the park, or watching a soccer game at the stadium. This brings more life to small metropolises that were previously populated only by cars and birds.

Little Cities: Coherent VR game is lovingly maintained

Little Cities is developed by Purple Yonder. The studio consists of two people (a married couple) who have been working on updates for the city-building simulation since its release in May 2022. Recently, for example, attractions were added, and the game can be played entirely with hand tracking, which works surprisingly well. Although the VR game, which was natively developed for virtual reality, does not offer an enormously long playing time, it does a much better job than, for example, Cities:VR.

True 3D menus and intuitive controls let players get into a "city-building flow" that builds on the interactive strengths of VR. The graphics are adapted to the performance of the platform (Little Cities also runs on the Quest 1), but are also very coherent and nice to look at.


This proves once again that a high-quality VR game does not necessarily need photorealistic graphics, but rather a convincing concept - from gameplay and controls to graphics and performance. Another good example is Walkabout Mini Golf, which offers more complex and visually stunning experiences with every new course.

You can get Little Cities in the Quest Store, and the Little Citizens update is already live.

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