Walkabout Mini Golf defies gravity in new DLC

Walkabout Mini Golf defies gravity in new DLC

The world of Walkabout Mini Golf expands once again. In the upcoming DLC, you'll roam a physically impossible city.

Mighty Coconut announced a version of Walkabout Mini Golf for the PSVR 2 (review). Now comes the announcement of a new DLC. Hit golf balls through a physically impossible virtual reality environment: Upside Town.

Upside Town - the impossible town

"Atmospherically, the course is set in a downtown neighborhood with all the businesses, apartments, transit ways, and perfunctory cityscape items one would expect... but in unexpected ways," a Mighty Coconut spokesperson told MIXED.

The namesake "Upside Town" defies gravity and physics with impossible architecture. Landscapes are reminiscent of artist M.C. Escher, known for his depiction of impossible figures and his play with perspective paradoxes.


In Upside Town, floors become walls, trees grow sideways, and cars park on the ceiling. In the middle of it all, a couple of miniature golf balls wait to be holed.

New game mechanics and manipulation of gravity

Upside Town, like all previous DLCs, includes 18 holes in Easy Mode and 18 holes in Hard Mode. Also, expect 18 hidden golf balls in new designs and new avatar clothing and accessories in the style of the upside-down town. Besides the crazy architecture, there is another special feature: "Gravity Fields".

According to the developers, these are sometimes obstacles but mostly offer a new gameplay dynamic allowing "trick shots", among other things. Exactly how remains unknown.

Walkabout Mini Golf VR: DLC launches in March

Upside Town launches March 9 for Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR, probably for $3.99. This new regular price for Walkabout DLCs came about with the Atlantis DLC. In-person celebrations in at least five U.S. cities usher in the release. We also expect an announcement at this year's SXSW festival.

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Sources: Mighty Coconut (Twitter und Pressesprecher)