In Mothergunship Forge VR you create insane weapons

In Mothergunship Forge VR you create insane weapons

The rogue-like Mothergunship is a hidden gem for PC gamers. Soon, VR players will also be able to assemble wacky weapons.

Already on PC and consoles, the concept of Mothergunship turned out to be acrobatic arcade fun. The best thing about the fast action, however, were the handheld weapons.

This concept also plays an important role in the planned sequel Mothergunship: Forge for Meta Quest (2) and Playstation VR. You can attach parts and upgrades to your modular weapon grips yourself. This is how you build chain guns, railguns, or even pizza throwers. Explosive pizzas, that goes without saying.

Bizarre weapon building

There are tons of combined guns and upgrades possible in the VR game from Terrible Posture Games. From rocket and grenade launchers with side shields to glowing acid squirts and lightning cannons with skipping electricity, there's a lot that can be plugged together wildly. In the trailer, the upbeat narrator already conveys the basic mood of the new tinkering and destruction marathon well.

In order not to strain your stomach too much, you'll dash through the VR levels a bit slower than in the monitor predecessor. Instead, the aggressive saw-blade ufos, skull bosses and other monstrosities mostly come at you. So far, it seems like you only occasionally have to move through the martially designed towers full of lava lakes.


A new adventure for Quest 2 and PlayStation VR

Stick movement or teleport comes into play, depending on your preference. Physical evasive movements like ducking also play an important role, according to the Steam page. If implemented appropriately, the game could feel as intense as Yuki or Blaston.

Mothergunship: Forge will be released on June 16 for Meta Quest (2) and Playstation VR.

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