Immersed Visor might get SteamVR for ultra-crisp VR gaming

Immersed Visor might get SteamVR for ultra-crisp VR gaming

Immersed Visor is a work-centric VR headset but SteamVR support was recently teased as a possibility.


In an interview with Immersed founder Renji Bijoy, I discussed the latest developments of the company's Visor headset. The focus of this lightweight, 4K VR headset is to serve as a productivity device, however, much more is possible. It could potentially connect to a Windows PC running SteamVR, making this a multipurpose headset.

Immersed Visor and SteamVR

The Immersed Visor is a 4K-per-eye VR headset that's in development for release in 2024. It's capable showing up to five high-resolution, repositionable and resizable virtual screens to enhance work productivity.

The operating system is based on the Immersed app, a virtual remote desktop client that connects to a Windows PC or Mac. Immersed is also available for the Meta Quest 3, HTC Vive Focus 3, and Pico 4 headsets.

When first announced, Immersed virtual desktop was the only app being developed for the Visor. Immersed's Renji Bijoy recently shared that more software capabilities are planned.

The Visor will match or exceed all of the features currently available in the Immersed app on the Quest 3 and other VR headsets with higher-resolution displays and user interface improvements that take advantage of the Visor's eye-tracking capability.

A person works on their laptop wearing Immersed Visor while sitting in a coffee shop.

A person works on their laptop wearing Immersed Visor while sitting in a coffee shop. | Image: Immersed

From the beginning, Bijoy said the fact that Immersed wasn't developing other apps didn't preclude others from doing so. For example, Meta Quest 3, Quest 2, and Quest Pro owners can install the SteamLink app and access SteamVR on their computers.

Bijoy didn't confirm the Visor would get SteamLink, but without prompting, said he wouldn't be surprised if someone developed a SteamVR solution. The Visor uses a Snapdragon XR processor that's similar, but faster, than the chip Meta used in the Quest 3.

You shouldn't make a purchase decision based on this suggestive hint, but the prospect of playing the best SteamVR games on a lightweight, wireless headset with super-crisp displays is very intriguing and worth keeping an eye on.

Immersed Visor apps and AI

The Visor has also gained a web browser, a home theater app, and Visor Plus subscribers get access to Curator, Immersed's AI assistant. These new apps run locally using the headset's Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 chip.



Curator is designed to be private, local, and secure. Your data is never sent to the cloud for processing. Bijoy said Curator will optionally “have the unique capability to index & analyze everything knowledge workers see, say/hear, or interact with.”

Bijoy added, “It's their Search Engine for the real world — an AI Assistant that actually gives employees super-genius abilities: instant expert knowledge for the job, perfect memory, and proactive action items for every moment at work.”

Artificial intelligence is infusing everything, and it's too early to say how useful Immersed's Curator AI will be. However, on-device AI sounds like a good approach to secure data and privacy on a work device.

Immersed passthrough view shows multiple virtual screens.

Immersed passthrough view shows multiple virtual screens. | Image: Immersed

I've used the Immersed app on my Quest Pro connecting to a MacBook and a Windows PC with ease. While the Quest Pro isn't comfortable enough for a day of work, the Immersed app is so far the best solution for being productive in VR.

I'm eager to go hands on with the Immersed Visor to see just how good a relatively inexpensive and lightweight VR headset can be for productivity.


Immersed recently announced a Visor Plus subscription plan that reduces the already low $950 price to just $400. Check out our article for more details about Immersed Visor Plus.

You can preorder the Immersed Visor VR headset here.