Hubris: SteamVR graphics wonder just got DLSS, a new voice, and a discount

Hubris: SteamVR graphics wonder just got DLSS, a new voice, and a discount

The lush landscapes of Hubris have become even more beautiful. Patch 2.0 brings DLSS and other improvements to the SteamVR shooter.

The VR shooter Hubris proved to be a bit of a bore in our review, but the graphics were impressive. After extensive ports for Playstation VR 2 and Meta Quest, the original for SteamVR has now also received a major update with graphical improvements.

Patch 2.0 now gives owners of Nvidia's RTX cards the option to enable DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling). According to the patch notes, the upscaling technology developed by Nvidia allows for better performance and a more beautiful landscape. The developer Cyborn does not give any further details.

Graphics boost for Hubris on SteamVR

For those who want to really push their high-end PC in VR, there are new advanced settings. Options include turning off Temporal Anti-Aliasing Upsampling (TAUU) – and Super Sampling for a sharper image at higher resolutions.

In response to community criticism, Cyborn has even re-recorded the English voice of pilot Lucia. She is often on hand during the action-packed adventure to keep you company via radio or to give you hints. For those who don't need her advice and prefer to uncover the secrets of the planet on their own, Lucia's in-game tips can now be turned off.


Other new features include the ability to manually reload your science fiction weapons. In addition, some empty-headed enemies should now attack more intelligently. To make the new features of patch 2.0 even more attractive, Hubris is now 25 percent off on Steam until July 31st. The full patch notes can be found behind the link.

More than 800 changes are also included in the Rift Store version. The patch was previously released for Playstation VR 2, and the Quest version has also been updated recently.

If you're more interested in gameplay variety than graphics, you might also want to check out Vertigo 2, a Half-Life tribute that offers a more fluid, fast-paced shooter experience.

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