Vive Focus 3 is the first VR headset to support Microsoft Intune

Vive Focus 3 is the first VR headset to support Microsoft Intune

Vive Focus 3 is the first VR headset to support Microsoft Intune, a device management solution that simplifies security and consistency for businesses.

The only VR headset shown on Microsoft's Intune compatibility list is the Vive Focus 3, a feather in the cap for HTC and a feature that will make this business-oriented headset more attractive to companies that rely on Microsoft's solution to manage devices.

That said, Meta has partnered with Microsoft as well and has announced that its headsets will be compatible with Intune in the future. As Virtual Reality becomes more common in business use, Microsoft could add support to any devices that prove to be popular with enterprise customers.

What is Intune?

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based device management system for businesses that makes it easier to update the software on company-owned phones, tablets, computers, and VR headsets for a consistent experience across devices. It also allows the administrator to control access to devices and data from the cloud.

For businesses, Intune is important for security and saves IT departments significant time and effort. Imagine manually updating dozens of VR headsets and other devices with every small change to an app or system software.

What about Meta and Pico?

HTC isn't the only VR headset maker focusing on B2B. Meta launched the Quest Pro in October 2022, which is more B2B focused, and has been serving enterprise customers since the first Rift. Pico recently released the Pico 4 Enterprise. In addition, there are numerous smaller players that make hardware for specific niches, such as flight simulators or 3D design and collaboration.


Pico 4 and Quest Pro, placed opposite each other on a table

Comparison: Pico 4 (left), Quest Pro (right) | Picture: MIXED

As described above, Intune will support Meta devices in the future. Meanwhile, Meta offers Quest for Business (formerly Oculus for Business). It is available in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Pico VR headsets support device management via several third-party solutions from 42Gears, ArborXR, ManageXR, and Radix.

HTC scored an early win with Microsoft Intune support, but choosing the right VR solution for business will require careful consideration. Each headset has strengths and weaknesses to weigh before making a big purchase.

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