Bytedance company Pico announces Pico 4 Enterprise VR headset

Bytedance company Pico announces Pico 4 Enterprise VR headset

Pico Interactive announces its next VR headset: Pico 4 Enterprise is designed for professional enterprise applications. It resembles Pico 4, but offers eye and face tracking.

Pico 4 is the first real competition for Meta's standalone VR headset Quest 2. Pico 4 has been officially available in Europe since October 18, 2022, but there are supply issues. Demand is very high, according to official sources.

Now, Pico Interactive is following up with the announcement of the business version of Pico 4.

Pico 4 Enterprise: Competition for Quest Pro?

The specifications of the Pico 4 Enterprise only change in a few points compared to the Pico 4. The business VR headset offers eye and face tracking. The interpupillary distance is automatically adjusted by the eye tracking system.

The Pico 4 Enterprise is meant to compete with the Quest Pro, Meta's new business VR headset. Like the Pico 4 Enterprise, the Quest Pro offers pass-through video in color, as well as eye and face tracking.

When it comes to price, however, the two devices differ significantly: while Quest Pro comes in at EUR 1,799, Pico 4 Enterprise is only priced at EUR 899.


Pico promises to take data privacy particularly seriously

Pico 4 Enterprise comes with the so-called Business Suite. This is supposed to manage information and workflows in a secure environment. Synchronization, streaming and a kiosk mode are the three core features. In addition, there is a dedicated enterprise app store.

In the presentation of the new VR headset, Pico Interactive emphasized that data privacy is their top priority. There is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding Pico's parent company ByteDance (TikTok), especially in the B2B sector, as TikTok is known for forwarding user data to China.

Pico Interactive is aiming for ISO 27001 information security certification by early 2023.

Pico 4 Enterprise: Release and pre-ordering

Pico 4 Enterprise will be available for pre-order from 01 November 2022. Pico Interactive states "general availability" as early December 2022. We will update the article with the appropriate links to offers as soon as we have them.