Pico 4 sees "unprecedented global demand" and has supply shortages

Pico 4 sees

In the meantime, we have received reports that MediaMarkt and Saturn cannot deliver all pre-ordered devices on time for the release date. The 256 GB version of the Pico 4 is most likely to be affected.

Bytedance's new VR headset Pico 4 is about to be released. However, due to supply bottlenecks, some pre-orderers might be dissatisfied on the day of release.

The Pico 4 mobile VR headset will be released in Europe, Japan and South Korea on Tuesday, October 18. However, ByteDance's subsidiary Pico is struggling with supply bottlenecks. European customers in particular could go empty-handed on the day of release.

Pico sees "unprecedented global demand"

Pico explained over the weekend via Twitter that an "unprecedented global demand" leads to delivery issues for Pico 4 (Preview). Only pre-orders from Europe are affected.

Anyone affected by delayed delivery should not cancel their order with their retailer. According to Pico, existing orders will be given priority for delivery as soon as supplies are available again. The company is working "tirelessly" to deliver all pre-orders by the end of October.

Pico 4 in Europe

The Pico 4 was officially unveiled on September 22 and comes in two variants with different amounts of memory. In the 128 GB version, the mobile VR headset costs 429 Euros. For 256 GB of storage, Pico calls for 499 Euros. Both versions have been available for pre-order since the end of September and should be shipped tomorrow.

Amazon currently has both versions of the VR headset marked as "out of stock". MediaMarkt and Saturn advertise a "delivery from 18.10.2022", there are no reports about possible delays in shipping existing orders.


Online retailer Bestware has announced via Twitter that all existing orders of the Pico 4 in the 128 GB version will be shipped today. Those who ordered the 256 GB variant up to and including September 24 or participated in the Pico Beta program and ordered the Pico Neo 3 Link via Bestware will also be served. All other orders should be shipped in the next two weeks.

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