Forklift Driver VR: The VR simulation we needed and deserved

Forklift Driver VR: The VR simulation we needed and deserved

If you've always wanted to learn how to drive a forklift, you'll soon be able to do so in VR. Without risk of accident or injury.

Best Forklift Operator will be released for PCs in 2022 and will feature a full VR mode that allows you to control the forklift using hand movements. This is more realistic than using a keyboard. If you don't like the forklift ride in VR, you can always switch to 2D mode. The contents are exactly the same.

The publisher Dust Games describes the simulation as follows:

"In Best Forklift Operator, players take on the role of a forklift driver - an everyday, unnoticed cog that proves to be critical in the world's long supply chains. Every day, forklifts and their drivers move hundreds of thousands of tons of goods around the world, keeping factories, ports, and warehouses running smoothly." I wonder what Ryo would say to that.

Earn money and race with forklifts

The simulation features a detailed training mode where you learn how to drive a forklift. Once you've internalized the basics, you can jump into the campaign.

This offers increasingly difficult missions in which you can earn or destroy money, depending on when and in what condition you deliver the goods. You can compete with other VR forklift drivers via online leaderboards.


In the somewhat more freely designed arcade mode, the warehouse becomes a kind of rally track. If you deliver the goods undamaged in record time, you'll earn the admiration and respect of your virtual colleagues. A realistic physics simulation ensures that success and failure are always comprehensible.

Best Forklift Simulator: Only for PC VR

Best Forklift Operator will be released in Early Access on Steam later this year. A first trailer (see above) demonstrates the state of development. In the months following the launch, the responsible start-up wants to dedicate itself to fine-tuning as well as adding new types of forklifts. The simulation is distributed by Gamedust, the studio behind the VR game Yupitergrad.

Those who own a Meta Quest 2 but not a PC can switch to Forklift Simulator. The professional forklift driver training costs 80 euros.

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