DJ Jean-Michel Jarre to perform a VR concert live from the Château de Versailles

DJ Jean-Michel Jarre to perform a VR concert live from the Château de Versailles

Metaverse event platform VRROOM transforms a live performance by star DJ Jean-Michel Jarre into a hybrid concert experience.

Following the successful launch of the platform with US rapper Armani White, VRROOM has teamed up with French electro icon Jean-Michel Jarre. With “Versailles 400”, a hybrid concert experience will be realized on Christmas Day.

Hybrid concert in physical and virtual space

Jean-Michel Jarre has become known for his virtual concerts. In 2020, the electro legend performed in VRChat and at an elaborately staged New Year's Eve VR party in a digitally reconstructed version of Notre Dame.

This year, Jarre will perform in the historic Hall of Mirrors to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Château de Versailles World Heritage Site. At the same time, the VR event platform VRROOM will broadcast his performance in virtual reality. The event starts on December 25th at 8pm, Central European Time.

Star DJ designs VR experience himself

The virtual concert experience was designed by Jarre himself: “I conceived and designed Versailles 400 from the beginning as a hybrid concert and mixed visual creation, for the simultaneous live broadcast of one of the world's most emblematic monuments and in virtual reality. I hope this event will help bring the world of immersive creation and French know-how to the forefront of collective culture and global entertainment,” said Jarre.


Jarre will wear a Lynx Mixed Reality headset during the performance to be present in both worlds — the physical and the virtual. To participate in Versailles 400, you will need a VR headset, the VRROOM app and an avatar. VRROOM is available for Pico 4, Meta Quest 3, Quest 2, and Quest Pro, Steam and SideQuest.

VRROOM provides a virtual platform for artists

VRROOM made a name for itself earlier this year with a collaboration with streaming service Deezer and a series of exclusive VR parties on Pico 4. The metaverse event platform regularly offers virtual live events, art exhibitions and DJ sets.

The VR concerts do not simply recreate real concerts in VR, but always offer unique and interactive live features. Easy-to-use tools allow artists to create and market their own virtual universe, stage or gallery. The platform also offers multiple ways to monetize content and reach audiences directly without intermediaries.

Sources: VRROOM