XR headset Lynx R1 - delivery starts in August

XR headset Lynx R1 - delivery starts in August

Lynx is growing and plans to deliver soon: The R-1 headset is scheduled to ship in August, about four months later than planned.

The Lynx R-1 is supposed to be the first slim mixed reality headset at an affordable price (starting at $599). This means that the device from the small French start-up could at least compete in terms of hardware with the overpowering Meta, which is expected to launch Cambria, a similar device at a higher price, in the fall.

Production starts in Taiwan

At Discord, Lynx founder Stan Larroque gave an update on the state of things and further plans at the beginning of July. After a $4 million investment in May that Larroque said was a "gamechanger" for the small company, Lynx continues to grow and currently employs 20 people, according to Larroque.

The founder is planning a trip to Taiwan, beginning in mid-July and ending in early August. Production of the Lynx R-1 is scheduled to begin there. The first devices are to be shipped in August. Originally, the device was scheduled to ship to the first Kickstarter backers in April. However, according to Larroque, production was delayed due to supply chain issues.

A Unity3D-based SDK and "most" R-1 software are promised by Larroque for late July. The startup relies on OpenXR and Android 12, and Larroque guarantees "rock solid" 6D0F and hand tracking. Lynx is working with manufacturer Finch on controllers using camera tracking.


Keyboard app and CAD mods

Larroque also plans to release CAD files of most of the headset's surfaces at the same time as the software in late July. Larroque says these files can be used to design modifications for the headset.

The Lynx team is additionally working on a new app for Android and iOS that will allow users to connect and use their smartphone keyboard with the XR headset. The smartphone can be viewed directly in AR mode or in VR mode via the integrated video cameras. Support for Bluetooth keyboards and mice will follow later in the year.

Sources: Discord via Reddit