Demeo's last remaining flaw has just been fixed

Demeo's last remaining flaw has just been fixed

Demeo adventures can last for hours. Thanks to a new save system, multiplayer sessions can now be saved at any time.


Resolution Games introduces a new multiplayer save system for Demeo that allows you to pause and resume your tabletop sessions with friends at any time.

Previously, you could only save between floors, and the second floor in particular could easily take an hour or more to complete. At launch, Demeo had no save option at all, so you had to reserve an entire evening or start over the next time you played.

With the new multiplayer save system, the studio has addressed what was probably the last remaining flaw of the game. Check out the short video below to see the new save system in action:

Resolution Games also announces that the Pico 4 version of Demeo now supports hand tracking. Previously, this was only the case for Meta Quest.


Demeo: The tabletop universe grows and grows

In Demeo, a turn-based tabletop RPG, you choose one of seven character classes and explore dungeons filled with treasures and enemies alone or with up to three friends.

Demeo is one of VR's biggest hits and is available for Meta Quest, Pico, SteamVR and Playstation VR 2. A Vision Pro version is currently in development. Demeo is also available as a flat version for PC, Playstation 5, Mac and iPad.

Demeo Battles, released in 2023, is a PVP spin-off that appeals to competitive players and is designed for shorter, more intense play sessions.

Resolution Games is currently working on a tabletop adventure with an official D&D license. There is currently little information about the D&D project, and it is not known when the game will be released.