The Apple Vision Pro is set to get one of the best VR games to date

The Apple Vision Pro is set to get one of the best VR games to date

One of VR's biggest hits, the tabletop role-playing game Demeo, is in active development for Apple Vision Pro.

Apple's upcoming mixed reality headset will launch in early 2024 without dedicated controllers. Instead, the device will be controlled by hand tracking, voice recognition, and your gaze.

After the Vision Pro was unveiled in June, there was a lot of speculation about whether the headset would support VR games. Most VR games require controllers, and Apple didn't show any immersive titles during the presentation. The only game known to be in development for the Vision Pro is the metaverse platform Rec Room.

Now, Demeo developer Resolution Games has announced that it is working on a Vision Pro version of the game that will support both fully immersive virtual reality and mixed reality. A 2D version of the game for the Mac has also been announced.

The Quest 2 version of Demeo gets hand tracking support

But there is also good news for Meta Quest 2 and Pro owners. Last fall, the game received a mixed reality update that allows players to anchor the game board to a table or other surface while keeping the physical environment visible.

The Mixed Reality 2.0 update released today adds more mixed reality features. First, Demeo now supports hand tracking, so you can pick up the miniatures, play cards, and roll dice with your hands alone. Second, the game now supports local multiplayer. This means you can play Demeo with your friends in the same room and on the same game board, as long as they own a Quest 2 or Pro. Check out the video below to see the new features in action.


The upcoming PVP spin-off Demeo Battles will also get a mixed reality mode on Quest 2 and 3 as well as Pro, the studio announced. Resolution Games is still keeping details under wraps. All that is known is that Demeo Battles will be released as a standalone game later this year.

Resolution Games bets big on mixed reality and hand tracking

Meanwhile, the studio continues to invest heavily in mixed reality. Resolution Games announces that mixed reality projects currently account for half of the studio's work, and that several mixed reality games are in development for 2024 and beyond, including several that will be played without a controller.

"It's the interaction between the real and the virtual that truly makes MR magical, and few real world things are quite as interactive as the human hand. Advances in hand-tracking have made a controller-free future not only possible, but incredibly appealing. We're quickly entering into an era where your body is a far more effective controller than a handheld piece of plastic could ever be," says Paul Brady, co-founder and President of Resolution Games.