Brelyon's curved light field monitor becomes more immersive

Brelyon's curved light field monitor becomes more immersive

Brelyon's technology delivers a three-dimensional view that's somewhat similar to that of a VR headset but comes in the form of a desktop monitor.

We did a deep dive into Brelyon's 3D light field monitors last year after the introduction of its Ultra Reality concept display. Ultra Reality is now in use by corporations and organizations around the world, proving to be a technology that's in demand, according to the manufacturer. At CES 2023, Brelyon demonstrated the latest advances with its new product line called Brelyon Fusion.

Fusion provides an more immersive experience since it allows a larger 155-degree field of view on a wrap-around display. With such a wide FOV, a high resolution screen is necessary to maintain a sharp image and Brelyon delivers with an 8K LG pOLED engine that's bright and vivid with high contrast. Brelyon boasts that this results in an OLED display with the world's largest field of view.

Like a VR headset for your desk

The light field appears to be placed in the distance so there's no eyestrain associated with looking at a screen that's a foot away. When sitting in front of the curved monitor, the effect is equivalent to viewing a 110-inch virtual screen that has the ability to display three-dimensional content without the need for a VR headset.

Spatial audio is included to create a sound field that matches what is seen. Since a monitor doesn't block ambient noise like a headset or earbuds can, Brelyon added active ambient noise suppression.


Breylon's new Fusion Monitor looks like a giant static VR headset. | Bild: Breylon

The advantages of Brelyon's Fusion light field expansion technology gives you the ability to enjoy an immersive, panoramic 3D view without the need to wear a VR headset. This is a nice solution for flight simulators, product design, and any work that requires an immersive view in a seated position. A VR headset still offers the advantage of movement and is hard to beat for physical immersion.

Brelyon's CES 2023 video

Brelyon posted a video offering a first look at its new Fusion monitor at CES that highlighted some of its top features. Brelyon's light field displays are still priced out of reach for consumers, but this is a taste of monitor technology that could be available to everyone in the future, combining elements of VR gaming with traditional games.

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