Bioshock VR: Return to Rapture - Part 2 released

Bioshock VR: Return to Rapture - Part 2 released

Return to Rapture brings the Bioshock universe to virtual reality and is probably the best mod for Half-Life: Alyx.

The first part of the mod was released a year ago, developed by Wim Buytaert. His work was so impressive that eight other developers joined him. Under the name Patient 8 Games, they worked for a year on part 2, which has now appeared on Steam Workshop.

Return to Rapture is not a 1:1 replica of the original. It is a new game in the Bioshock universe, based on Valve's Source Engine 2 and using textures, 3D models and other resources from Half-Life: Alyx. Accordingly, there are influences from both games and universes.

15 hours of Bioshock VR

On the Bioshock side, around 3,000 3D models have been imported into Return to Rapture, including iconic characters like the gene-modified Splicers, the Little Sisters and the Big Daddies. The following trailer gives a good idea of the graphics and world design.

The first part consisted of eight levels, while the second comes with a whopping 24 maps. Part 2 of the mod should entertain for around 15 hours.

The developers promise countless new and original features, including different enemy types, plasmids, weapons, animations, dialogs, character and secrets.


In the fight against Splicer and Combine

The story is quickly told: The Combine have stormed the underwater city and want to get hold of Andrew Ryan's suitcase, which contains the secrets of the ADAM substance and plasmids. Your role is to prevent this from happening. A number of new plasmids will help you against the Combine and Splicers.

A Youtube video shows new game mechanics introduced by the mod, such as ambidextrous weapon wielding, new enemy types and plasmids.

The team writes that there may be issues with meta hardware and describes possible solutions. If you want to support the developers, you can do so on their Patreon page. Return to Rapture Part 1 and Part 2 can be found in the Steam Workshop.

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