Beat Saber: New free songs coming soon - with new gameplay?

Beat Saber: New free songs coming soon - with new gameplay?

Beat Saber will soon receive new songs and hopefully the new features the studio has been teasing since the beginning of the year.

Beat Games announced yesterday the fifth original soundtrack, or OST 5 for short. These are free songs that come with the game when you buy it. The studio additionally sells song DLCs from world-renowned bands and superstars like Green Day, Linkin Park, Timbaland, Billie Eilish and most recently Lady Gaga.

How many and which songs will be included in OST 5 is unknown. The last OST song package was released just over a year ago and featured four new tracks from Camellia, Boom Kitty & Waylon Reavies and Beat Games co-founder Jaroslav Beck. OST 5 will be released "soon," according to the Twitter announcement.

Beat Saber gets new gameplay elements

More exciting than the new songs are the gameplay and visual updates that Beat Saber has been teasing since January. Among them is a new note block that dictates swing paths and light strips that could guide certain movement patterns or anticipate note blocks. These are the most significant changes to the game's mechanics since its release nearly four years ago.


In February, Beat Games also unveiled a new and more flexible lighting system. In an hour-long Youtube video, Beat Games founder Ján Ilavský and lead level creator Freeek explain how the system works.

New Beat Saber features coming with OST 5?

It is unclear whether these new features will appear at the same time as OST 5. Since Beat Games has not hinted at anything of the sort, we can assume the opposite.

If the new features only come to fruition in new songs, then they should be released at the same time as a new pack of free songs, so fans can try them out without having to spend money. The last paid DLC (featuring Lady Gaga) was released on December 9, 2021.

For a list of all official Beat Saber songs (free and paid), check out the English Wikipedia. Custom songs, i.e. levels of unlicensed music created by modders, are not listed there. For an introduction to installing custom songs for the PC VR version and Quest version of Beat Saber, see our Beat Saber Custom Songs Guide.

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