Meta Quest (2): Play multiplayer games with one account

Meta Quest (2): Play multiplayer games with one account

Do you have multiple Quest headsets in your household and want to play once-purchased multiplayer titles together? These VR games support this feature.

The Meta Quest 2 is relatively cheap and easy to use, so more and more devices are finding their way into living rooms. Sometimes even in multiple versions, so you can play together with family and friends.

This inevitably raises the question of whether VR games have to be purchased separately for each Quest. The answer varies from title to title.

Beat Saber, for example, only needs to be purchased once and can be played on multiple Quest headsets with the same account, but you cannot play it together in multiplayer mode. This requires an additional license.

Overview shows supported VR games

A Reddit post provides a useful overview of most VR games and is updated here and there. Search for your title and look in the "Single Account Multiplayer" column. Sometimes there are more details under "Notes".

The list also contains other useful information about crossplay functionality between different VR platforms and VR glasses, but it's not necessarily up to date. The multiplayer mode of Beat Saber, for example, now supports crossplay between the Oculus and Steam platforms.


In many cases, it is necessary to set up secondary user accounts and share apps. Meta rolled out these features in early 2021. You can find more information and instructions on the corresponding Oculus support page.

Try it out for yourself and return it if needed

Also note that the list is not complete. Space Pirate Arena, for example, is currently not listed and supports multiplayer sessions via a one-time purchase and the creation of a second user account.

It's also possible that the conditions could change at any time. Ultimately, it's up to the individual studios to decide what is and isn't possible.

In individual cases, you can also try out for yourself what a VR app allows. For VR games, you can request a refund if the purchase was made less than 14 days ago and you played less than two hours. You should additionally note that you can return a maximum of five VR apps in a month.

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