Apple Vision Pro Gold, Super Quest 3, PSVR 2 for PC & AR-Android

Apple Vision Pro Gold, Super Quest 3, PSVR 2 for PC & AR-Android

PSVR 2 can do PC and cool shooters, Apple Vision Pro can be much pricier, Quest 3 will be really sharp and among AR headsets, the monocle is king.

VR legs are getting closer, Quest 3 will (hopefully) be great, and Apple Vision Pro gets gold paint

You can track your hands quite well in VR. But, Meta, when are the legs coming? That may take a while, but Meta is making impressive progress with body tracking.

There was also good news for hardware junkies this week. The Quest 3 will be a "kick ass Quest Link HMD", according to a former Meta employee. A report also seems to confirm that the Quest 3 will get the super lenses of the Quest Pro. The hype train is already in full swing after this news, at least for me.

Things are getting quiet around the Apple Vision Pro, but no less bizarre: A gold-plated Vision Pro with a flip-down golden helmet visor has been spotted. It weighs four times more than the standard version and costs eleven times as much.

Luckily, Apple is already working on two new VR/AR headsets - a high-end successor and a cheaper version of the Vision Pro. Maybe there will be a bronze visor for the dirt cheap version.

Meanwhile, a developer reports that he successfully connected the PSVR 2 to a PC and played Half-Life: Alyx. It will be a long time before we can do the same - if it happens at all. I'd rather get the new Virtual Desktop update. With higher bitrates for desktop and VR streaming, the VR image has become much sharper for wireless streaming.

AR androids dream with one eye only

Not much happened on the AR front this week. Google seems to have completely abandoned the development of AR headsets. Instead, the search giant prefers to build a special operating system for AR - an Android for AR.

I wonder if the AR Monocle that Oculus founder Brendan Iribe invested in could run on it.


Cheap VR games, synapses firing, and a new game subscription service

In summer, I can fill up my VR library for fall and winter. Good old Gabe has created the Steam Summer Sale, which offers some real bargains. Unfortunately, the Submarine Simulator is not included.

PSVR 2 owners were also happy this week: With Synapse, there was finally another VR hit for Sony's headset, which is obviously suffering from content supply problems. The innovative VR shooter lets you kill with the power of your mind and eye tracking.

Meta also announced their Quest+ VR game subscription this week.

Artificial Intelligence News

Do you know how many parameters the GPT-4 AI language model has? And did you know that it uses some pretty old technology? Also interesting: Valve rejects a game with AI-generated content. Is that fair? Strange, as well: the new Midjourney update.

For more AI news, check out THE DECODER.

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