This Submarine Simulator lets you dive in Virtual Reality

This Submarine Simulator lets you dive in Virtual Reality

Ever wanted to dive in a submarine? This VR game for Meta Quest 2 and PC VR sends you safely into the depths.

Polish studio Titan Gamez announces UBOAT: The Silent Wolf, a submarine simulator for VR headsets. The VR game sends you diving during World War II and will offer a single player campaign with story mode as well as multiplayer underwater battles for up to four players.

A first trailer gives an impression of the game mechanics. As the commander of a military submarine, you move through narrow corridors, load torpedoes into the tubes on the hull and ensure a smooth dive in the engine room.

Experience the confines of a virtual submarine

The design and architecture of the VR submarine is based on the submarines used in World War II. Those who suffer from claustrophobia should take care when entering the virtual confines.

You can use a periscope to keep an eye on what's happening on the surface of the sea at all times, or you can go on deck yourself and take aim at attacking planes with a machine gun.


In addition to planes and other submarines, you can also compete with enemy warships. A free-roam mode allows you to explore unknown waters, where you'll be allowed to explore secrets and encounter various enemy units.

Underwater battles for PC VR and Meta Quest 2

If you need a break in between, you can retreat to a cabin and listen to relaxing music on the gramophone. The developers promise many small side activities and mini-games like darts, which you can do in the claustrophobic confines of the submarine.

There is no release date or playable demo yet. Titan Gamez has so far only announced that the VR game will be released "soon" for Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, and Quest Pro, and shortly thereafter on Steam for PC VR.

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