Meta Quest 3 comes with Quest Pro super lenses

Meta Quest 3 comes with Quest Pro super lenses

The lenses of the Meta Quest Pro are a game-changer. And they will find their way into the less expensive Meta Quest 3.

That much seems to be confirmed by Meta Quest support on Reddit. One user posted there with the headline, "Finally tried Quest Pro, the lenses are unbelievable. Does the Quest 3 have these exact lenses?" He said he had never seen such clarity in VR, which is "amazing."

Meta Quest Support replied:

"The Quest 3 will have the pancake optics like the Quest Pro, however there will be a noticeable difference as the Q3 will come with our highest resolution to date, and will have the new Snapdragon chipset, which will be able to deliver twice the graphical performance as its predecessor. This makes for smoother performance and more defined details."

Meta has already confirmed that Quest 3 will use pancake lenses. It was unclear if they would be the exact same lenses as the Quest Pro. The answer from Meta Quest support could be interpreted this way.

One of the best features of Meta Quest Pro

Meta's new pancake lenses are praised by testers:inside as one of the best features of the Quest Pro. We were also full of praise for the lenses in our Quest Pro review. "There is no ghosting, no glare, no ghosting - just a sharp image from edge to edge," Ben wrote.


There is a wide range of quality when it comes to pancake lenses. Pico 4 also uses pancake lenses, but without the same image clarity.

Meta says it worked on its own custom pancake lenses for a full four years and had to set up entirely new supply chains. The Meta Quest 3, which is much more affordable than the Quest Pro, will now benefit from this - and thus a larger number of VR users.

As pixels become more visible with pancake lenses, display resolution becomes more important. Quest Pro offers roughly the same resolution per eye as Meta Quest 2, and Quest 3 will be able to display 30 percent more pixels. Overall, the image will be even clearer than in Quest Pro.

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