Last chance for Quest+ subscribers: August games replacing Pistol Whip

Last chance for Quest+ subscribers: August games replacing Pistol Whip

July 31, 2023:

Subscribers to Meta's Quest+ games subscription shouldn't wait too long to redeem their July VR games: The exhausting rhythm shooter Pistol Whip and the lovingly crafted retro adventure Pixel Ripped 1995 will only be available until Monday, July 31st.

Titles from August 1-31 include the social VR highlight Walkabout Mini Golf and the VR shooter Mothergunship: Forge.


Original article from June 26, 2023:

Starting in July, Quest owners will be able to play VR games every month for a subscription price. The new service will be called Quest+.

Game subscriptions are very popular, especially Microsoft Xbox's Game Pass. Meta also wants to get into the subscription business. But while Game Pass offers a large library of games, Meta's new subscription service is limited.

Quest+: Two VR games per month

The VR games subscription is called Quest+ and will cost $7.99 per month. The annual fee is 35 percent off and costs $59.99. Those who sign up by July 31 will get the first month for one dollar.

For that price, you'll get two curated VR games. For July, these are

  • Pistol Whip
  • Pixel Ripped 1995

The titles for August are also known already. A top title is Walkabout Mini Golf, and in addition, we have Mothergunship: Forge.

The subscription is apparently not valid for Quest 1, only Quest 2, Quest Pro and the upcoming Quest 3 are explicitly mentioned. Quest+ can be canceled at any time.


Somewhat despondent subscription service for VR

So, the recent leak turned out to be correct. Unfortunately, Meta shows little courage to follow the example of Microsoft's Game Pass and include significantly more games in the subscription library from the start.

This will probably have a limited effect initially, since many VR enthusiasts already own many of the curated VR games. HTC does a better job with its Vive Infinity program: There are more than 1,000 games available, and the monthly price is around $10 for an annual subscription. That's a lot more inviting to check out new apps.


With the Quest+ program, however, you can build up quite a library over time because the VR games stay with the player for as long as the subscription runs. That makes it interesting again in the long run.

I'm curious to see if big games like Asgard's Wrath 2 will be released for Quest+.

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