Quest 3 will be a "kick ass Quest Link HMD", says Air-Link developer

Quest 3 will be a

Meta Quest 3 will not only shine as a standalone VR headset but will also set new standards as a PC VR headset. At least, that's what a former Meta employee involved in the development of Quest Link promises.

Quest Link is a feature that makes it possible to play PC VR games on the Meta Quest. To do so, the VR headset is connected to a powerful computer with a USB cable or wirelessly via WLAN. This allows users to benefit from the greater selection and quality of PC VR titles without sacrificing the mobility and tracking of the Quest.

All Meta VR headsets support Quest Link

Quest Link was first introduced for the Meta Quest 1 in 2019 and later made available for the Meta Quest 2 in 2020. The wireless version of Quest Link is called Air Link and was released in April 2021.

Andrew Bosworth, CTO of Meta, has already confirmed that the upcoming Meta Quest 3 will also support Quest Link. The feature could be quite special on the new VR headset, according to Volga Aksoy, former graphic designer at Meta who was also involved in the development of Quest Link.

Will Quest 3 be a better PC VR headset than Quest 2?

After Meta officially announced Meta Quest 3, Aksoy took to Twitter to express his excitement for the new VR headset. He wrote: "It's finally official. Sadly I left Meta recently but can't wait to buy this when it's out. It'll be a kick ass Quest Link HMD among other things."


When asked by a user if it would be possible to increase Quest Link's bitrate to reduce compression in very detailed scenes, Aksoy replied: "It's not bitrate that's causing most of the visible artifacts. But there's top men on the job."

Since the question was most likely about the Quest 2, it may be that the Meta Quest 3 offers better image quality than its predecessor when using Quest Link.

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