Apple to focus on XR in 2023 - report

Apple to focus on XR in 2023 - report

The unveiling of Apple's headset, supposedly planned for January, was recently postponed. Apple reporter Mark Gurman is nevertheless certain: 2023 will be the year of Apple Reality.

In his latest newsletter, Bloomberg's Apple reporter Gurman states that Apple's XR headset will be released this year.

According to Gurman, Apple will unveil the headset in the spring ahead of the WWDC developer conference in the summer. Developers are then expected to start receiving the devices at WWDC. The market launch is expected to take place in the fall.

Gurman's statement coincided with a prediction by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who tweeted last week about renewed delays in development. He said there were problems with drop tests for mechanical components as well as the availability of software development tools. Kuo also favors a reveal at a media event in the spring or at WWDC.

XR headset to be Apple's most important product in 2023

Gurman settles on 2023 as the "year of Apple reality" despite the further delay. The decision to delay the unveiling from January to spring was made recently, he said. A small group of high-profile development studios are already testing the headset and developing the first third-party apps, according to Gurman.


Gurman reconfirmed that the operating system of the Apple headset is called "xrOS." The internal code name is "Borealis".

Gurman expects the headset to also be Apple's highlight of the year, although the company still has "many problems" to solve in terms of hardware, software and services.

To finally ship the headset, Apple has pulled additional resources from various hardware and software departments, which has slowed other projects, he said. Because of the headset, Apple probably doesn't have any other big hardware news up its sleeve this year.

Last week, The Information leaked many new details about Apple's XR headset and confirmed existing ones.