Zenith: VR MMO launches with chart records and server problems

Zenith: VR MMO launches with chart records and server problems

The VR game Zenith: The Last City stormed the Steam charts shortly after release. The rush also caused server problems.

Not even the most optimistic developers at Studio Ramen VR could have expected this: The VR title Zenith: The Last City, launched on January 27, has apparently reached the top spot in the Steam charts. And not just in the VR games section, but among all games overall. Currently, the VR MMO is in 7th place among Steam top sellers, but UploadVR captured the moment of leadership in the US charts via screenshot.

In the Meta Quest (2) store, the online role-playing game for virtual reality is still at the top of the bestsellers. The big rush doesn't only deliver good news, though. Over the course of Thursday evening, many players got stuck in the queue. The server capacities were simply exhausted.

On Twitter, the development studio reported the server problems in a whole series of posts. The small team apologized for the login failures after the unexpectedly large rush. After a restart of the login servers, there were further issues with the instances to which the game players are distributed.

Zenith - The Last City: The VR game is online again

Finally, at noon on Friday, the all-clear was given: most of the problems have been solved in the meantime. If the "Home Shard" area still does not appear, users should select a new one. However, this step can only be taken 24 hours after the last change.


The VR MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) should attract as many different tastes as possible. The wide-ranging fantasy-style mix ranges from valleys with pre-industrial hamlets to mystical temple complexes and futuristic skyscrapers.

Nier: Automata, Final Fantasy, and Sword Art Online serve as models. Thanks to cross-platform support, users of all VR systems can play together, including PlayStation VR. More information about the currently well-populated online role-playing game can be found in this article.

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