You can now try upcoming VR tactical shooter Contractors Showdown for free on Quest 3 & PC VR

You can now try upcoming VR tactical shooter Contractors Showdown for free on Quest 3 & PC VR

Ready for some action-packed VR combat? You can try Contractors Showdown in a free open beta on SteamVR and Meta Quest before the official launch.


Caveman Studio has announced Contractors Showdown for Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro as well as PC VR via Steam. The mix of VR tactical shooter and battle royal is now available for free in an open beta on SteamVR and Meta Quest. The next dates are the following two weekends: March 8th to 10th and March 15th to 17th.

The full version will be released on the Meta Store and Steam in Q2 2024. Contractors Showdown features one of the largest maps ever seen in a VR multiplayer shooter. The playing area is said to be around 16 square kilometers, with up to 45 players per match. Tactical confrontations await, including air strikes and UAVs.

An advanced progression system allows you to earn resource points and unlock blueprints for rewards or cosmetic items for your avatars. Before each match, you can activate three types of perks that can give you strategic advantages.

To participate in the Open Beta, you must join the Contractors Showdown community on Discord. You can find the link in the reference at the end of this article.



Contractors now part of Quest+ subscription service

VR gamers love tactical shooters. Representatives of the genre like Pavlov, Breachers, and Onward keep topping the game charts. Caveman Studio's Contractors also made it into Meta Quest's top 25 highest-rated premium titles last year, with around 6,300 ratings.

Contractors is currently part of Meta's revamped Quest+ subscription service. The competitive military shooter regularly costs just under $20. Meta Quest+ VR subscribers will have access to VR hits such as Demeo, Espire 1: VR Operative, Onward, Red Matter, Until You Fall and Walkabout Mini Golf VR starting in March.

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