VR gamers love tactical shooters, numbers show

VR gamers love tactical shooters, numbers show

Games like Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six are not just popular with regular 2D gamers. VR players love the genre as well.

If you are working on a quality tactical shooter for virtual reality, you have a very good chance of success.

Just take a look at the current VR charts: The Counter-Strike clone Pavlov is currently the best-selling game for Playstation VR 2, while Breachers, which launched last week on Meta Quest 2, is currently one of the top sellers alongside VR hits like Beat Saber and Blade & Sorcery.

Breachers is already racking up around 800 ratings, a mark that takes the vast majority of VR titles months, if not years, to reach, and it probably already made one to two million US dollars in revenue, if you take ratings as a metric to estimate success.

High demand for tactical FPS

What about older tactical shooters? These also take top spots on the Quest platform.

Onward is currently the 8th most rated premium title (around 15,000 ratings), ahead of VR games like Job Simulator and Resident Evil 4, while the second major tactical shooter Contractors makes it into the top 25 most rated premium titles (around 6,300 ratings).


If you take a look at the App Lab, you'll find that a tactical shooter is the most rated VR game: Pavlov Shack, the standalone version of the tactical shooter that tops the PSVR 2 download charts. Pavlov is also one of the most successful and most played PC VR titles on SteamVR.

Big new titles in development

So it's no surprise that one of the biggest upcoming games for Playstation VR 2 is also a tactical shooter. The Sony-funded Firewall Ultra, whose current state was recently shown off to the press and features innovative eye-tracking gameplay mechanics.

Another major tactical shooter could be coming to the Meta Quest platform: Mark Zuckerberg hinted in a May 2021 Facebook post that Onward 2 is in development. Meta acquired the studio Downpour Interactive in April 2020.

If you like tactical shooters and love virtual reality, you won't have to complain about a lack of old and new titles to play.

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