You can now try these VR games for free at Steam Next Fest

You can now try these VR games for free at Steam Next Fest

This year's Steam Next Fest will again feature many demos of upcoming VR games. Which games are the most interesting?


It's time again: The Steam Next Fest is back to give you a sneak peek at many upcoming games. From June 19 to June 26, you can try out nearly 1,300 free demo versions of PC games. Once again, some unreleased VR games are included.

Here are the VR games you should try

You'll find a total of 35 VR games among the Steam Next Fest demos. But Steam doesn't make it easy. The extensive filter allows for countless sorting options by genre, theme, mood, feature, and more. VR gamers will need to open the Visual Style & Perspective tab and click on VR to find what they are looking for. The following VR games are of particular interest to us:

Hellsweeper VR

One of the most popular VR games among the demos may be Hellsweeper VR, which is scheduled for release on September 21 for PC VR, Meta Quest 2, and PSVR 2. As an undead immortal, you pay a visit to VR hell and destroy rampaging demon souls.

I was able to try out the action-packed hack and slash at Gamescom 2022 and felt strong Devil May Cry vibes. Despite the insane speed of the battles, VR battles play pleasantly smooth. Read more in our Hellsweeper VR preview.

Dungeon Full Dive

The VR pen & paper Dungeon Full Dive is also worth a look. Developed by TxK Gaming Studios, it allows you to import your own rulebooks and character sheets, create your own maps, or experience pre-made pen & paper adventures in VR. Dungeon Full Dive is scheduled for release later this year.




In Crumbling, coming this summer, you unpack an action figure and play with it in colorful VR worlds. The diorama-style roguelike features extensive upgrades and special abilities to help you survive crunchy boss battles. Along the way, a narrator reads the story in lovingly drawn comics. Check out our preview of Crumbling for some impressions of the gameplay.


In Davigo, VR players compete against PC players. Those playing with the VR headset take on the role of an angry giant in this asynchronous four-on-one multiplayer. The rest of the group plays on the PC and tries to take down the giant with all kinds of weapons.

Davigo is currently at the top of Steam's most wanted VR games list and could become the VR insider tip for multiplayer fans. The full version will feature different maps and game modes, mod support, as well as fancier graphics and better sound. No release date has been announced yet.

Steam Next Fest: Complete list of all VR demos

  • Alchem It
  • Altered Algorithm
  • Bandroll VR
  • Border Patrol
  • Box To The Beat VR
  • Crumbling
  • Davigo
  • Dungeon Full Dive
  • Drunk or Dead 2
  • Hellsweeper VR
  • Inter Solar 83
  • Jadoraki
  • Jurassic Snap
  • Magecosmos
  • Mini Golf Aeons
  • MonoRaceVR
  • Mr Bear's Bizarre Adventure
  • Pointy Ends
  • Premortal VR
  • Project Impulse
  • Project Swarm: Drone Space Exploration Program
  • Retropolis 2: Never Say Goodbye
  • Sharks
  • Solarblack
  • Sollarion
  • Stack
  • System Critical 2
  • Tea For God
  • The Burst
  • The Devourer: Hunted Souls
  • Undead Development 2
  • Unmanned: Midnight Nightmare
  • Vetrix Worlds
  • Wandering In Space Online VR

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