Dungeon Full Dive: Pen & Paper VR game now has a release date

Dungeon Full Dive: Pen & Paper VR game now has a release date

The release date for Dungeon Full Dive has been set. The VR game will be released on SteamVR on October 23rd. There will be a free demo at the Steam Next Fest on October 9th. A release for mobile VR headsets like Quest 2 and Pico 4 is still planned, but without a time window yet.

A German studio is working on a VR game for PC VR that combines classic pen and paper with VR role-playing. What can RPG fans expect?

With their VR game Dungeon Full Dive, the German TxK Gaming Studios want to bring the flair of their own pen-and-paper adventures into virtual reality. Players will be able to create their own characters, parties, maps, dungeons, and entire game worlds.

Play your own pen & paper worlds in VR

At first glance, Dungeon Full Dive is reminiscent of the popular VR co-op tabletop game Demeo. But instead of fighting your way through randomly generated, pre-built dungeons, Dungeon Full Dive lets you get creative.

An extensive map editor lets you create entire tabletop worlds. You can then explore them in the classic top-down perspective, or take control of individual characters and switch to first-person view.

Custom campaigns or DnD rules

You can also play custom campaigns and import your own character sheets. If you don't have time to write or edit, you can use pre-built worlds, campaigns, and characters. Dungeon Full Dive also includes the game mechanics and stats integration of DnD 5e at launch.


The VR pen-and-paper supports cross play and can be played in multiplayer mode directly on a PC, with a mouse and keyboard, or with VR headset. Currently, only a PC VR version for SteamVR has been announced, which is supposed to go into Early Access later this year. An exact launch date is not yet known.

Those who want to play Dungeon Full Dive with Meta Quest 2 or Pico 4 will have to connect the mobile VR headset to the PC via link cable or wireless streaming. At least native quest support is planned for the time after the release of the full version on Steam.

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