XR Hall of Fame: Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, John Carmack & more will be honored

XR Hall of Fame: Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, John Carmack & more will be honored

15 years of Augmented World Expo: The AR/VR conference celebrates its birthday with an XR History Museum and a Hall of Fame.


AWE USA 2024 in Long Beach, California, June 18-20, will focus on the history of XR. Under the theme "Learning from XR's Past to Shape the Future," the conference will feature a number of highlights to celebrate the event's 15th anniversary.

An XR History Museum will feature more than 80 vintage AR and VR devices from the past 50 years, courtesy of industry pioneers. Exhibits include the 1990 Xybernaut and the 1992 Virtuality Viset 1, one of the first commercial VR headsets. Visitors can also enjoy immersive experiences such as Ivan Sutherland's first head-mounted display from 1968 and Morton Heilig's Sensorama, the first multi-sensory experience.

In addition, the AWE XR Hall of Fame will be introduced to honor pioneers whose groundbreaking contributions have advanced the XR industry. The first 101 inductees have been announced, including former faces of Oculus John Carmack and Palmer Luckey, Valve CEO Gabe Newell, sci-fi author Neal Stephenson, and Epic CEO Tim Sweeney. During the June event, the pioneers in attendance will be celebrated on stage at the Auggie Awards ceremony.

The conference's 14 themed tracks feature pioneering sessions on the history of XR as it relates to each topic. With over 500 experts as speakers, the presentations cover the entire AR and VR industry.



A celebration of innovation and collaboration

AWE USA 2024 promises to be a celebration of innovation, collaboration and the remarkable achievements of XR pioneers. More than 6,500 XR professionals, over 500 industry representatives, and 300 global exhibitors are expected to attend the leading immersive technology event.

The latest developments and applications across multiple industries will be showcased in 15 packed tracks, including Enterprise, Collaboration, Education and Training, Gaming, Entertainment and Media, Startups and Investors, Development, Web3, XR Policy, Retail and Marketing, Health and Wellness, and AI.

The event will also feature workshops, community meetups and networking opportunities to provide guests with multiple ways to connect, learn and grow their XR businesses at AWE USA. A pre-conference workshop called the AWE Vision Workshop will focus on Apple's Vision Pro for a full day.

Sources: PRS Newswire