Women in space: Meta celebrates International Women's Day with VR film

Women in space: Meta celebrates International Women's Day with VR film

Meta released a VR film about women in space to celebrate International Women's Day.

In celebration of International Women's Day on March 8, 2023, Meta released the VR film "Women in Spaceflight." The short film features highlights from the "Space Explorers" series, an Emmy Award-winning series of VR films about spaceflight.

Felix & Paul Studios, responsible for "Women in Spaceflight," describes the film as an inspirational journey and tribute to pioneer Jerry Cobb and all the women who have changed spaceflight.

Women astronauts tell their stories

For about seven minutes, we follow astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch in virtual reality. Among other things, we learn their very own stories. McClain tells us, for example, that she had the dream of flying into space when she was just three years old. Koch tells us about the first spacewalk that was undertaken only by women.

Katarina Soukup, vice president of production at Felix & Paul Studios, explains in an interview what surprised her most in the film:


"What surprised me the most was that the historic women-only spacewalk of Jessica Meir and Christina Koch in October 2019 was not actually planned. It was an emergency maintenance EVA that had to be organized within a few days (whereas most spacewalks are planned months or years in advance). Jessica and Christina happened to be the two crew members available for it at the time, and the rest is history."

Space in VR: An Impressive Experience

The short film from the "Space Explorers" series is worth watching not only for the narratives of the female astronauts. It also features impressive 360-degree footage from inside the International Space Station (ISS), as well as views of Earth from space.

"Women in Spaceflight" is available for free on the Oculus Store and through the Meta Quest TV app. All information about the underlying Space Explorers series can be found in the linked article.

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