Space Explorers: VR space walk for Meta Quest now available

Space Explorers: VR space walk for Meta Quest now available

The fourth and final episode of Space Explorers is now available for Meta Quest 2 and is a must for space fans.

Space Explorers is the largest and most elaborate space movie production to date. For several years, ISS astronauts documented life on the space station with virtual reality cameras. The outcome exceeds 400 hours of footage that offers a unique and intimate insight into the crew's daily routine and life in space.

Thanks to high-resolution 360-degree panoramic images and stereoscopic 3D, you can almost feel as if you were on the ISS and experience the astronauts as they research, eat, train, and maintain the space station. In interviews, they share their thoughts, worries, and hopes with you.

Space Explorers is a production of Felix & Paul Studios, one of the most renowned production houses for immersive films.

Space Explorers: A brilliant finale

Space Explorers has a runtime of four episodes, the last of which is now available to watch for free on Oculus TV.

The episode, titled "Expand," has a runtime of 42 minutes and documents the completion of a year-long mission and the return to Earth of parts of the ISS crew, with the pandemic raising many questions and complicating the return trip.

The fourth and final episode ends with a spectacular finale: a spacewalk outside the ISS, of which there was a nine-minute preview called "Spacewalkers" in the spring. The next big goal is the Artemis mission: the moon landing planned for 2025 and, in the far distance, the trip to Mars.

Listed below are all the episodes of Space Explorers:


The Journey Begins (filmed on Earth):

The ISS Experience:

The ISS Experience Special Sequences:

To watch the movies in VR, follow these steps.

  • Click on the appropriate movie link.
  • You will be redirected to the corresponding media content. Log in to your user account if necessary.
  • Click on "Watch later".
  • Put on your VR headset and open Oculus TV.
  • The movie should appear under the "Saved" section.

I recommend downloading the movies, as they can then be viewed in the best quality. How to do that can be found in our Quest 2 Tips & Tricks.

Alternatively, you can download the VR app Space Explorers from the Oculus Store.

The next season documents the moon mission

Felix & Paul Studios want to continue their space documentary and accompany the Artemis mission in the coming years. Its prelude, the launch of the unmanned space probe Orion CM-002, will be shown live in virtual reality by Felix & Paul Studios. The event will likely mark the beginning of a new season of Space Explorers.

"We’re actively documenting humanity’s return to the moon, starting with the preparations of the Artemis mission, and we plan on being there when the spacecraft touches down on the moon," says studio co-founder Paul Raphaël in an interview on the Oculus blog.

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