Meta Quest 2: Breathtaking Spacewalk in VR

Meta Quest 2: Breathtaking Spacewalk in VR

The makers of Space Explorers show detailed footage outside the ISS for the first time. Goosebumps are guaranteed with this spectacular VR documentary in space.


Space Explorers is the largest film production shot in space. For three years, the ISS crew has accompanied life on the space station with a high-resolution VR camera. Thanks to 360-degree panoramic views and stereoscopic 3D, you almost feel like you're on the ISS and can watch the astronauts researching, eating, training and maintaining the space station.

Space Explorers is scheduled for four episodes. Three have already been released, the fourth episode is to follow in spring 2022 and will be the crowning glory of the documentary with its spectacular exterior shots. Now there's a nine-minute special episode and preview of the spacewalk called Spacewalkers to watch.

250 miles above the earth

The footage was shot with a VR camera built specifically to withstand the extreme conditions of open space. These include vacuum, ultraviolet and ionizing radiation, and extreme temperature fluctuations. Thanks to a robotic arm, the camera can be moved up to 15 meters away from the ISS. This gives viewers the feeling of floating freely above the earth.

In the impressive shots, you can see the Earth from different perspectives and solar constellations and watch the astronauts at work. The most impressive shot is the last one, in which the Earth is practically unobstructed, filling almost the entire field of view, while the sun disappears behind the Earth and the sublime scenery is gradually swallowed up by darkness.


All episodes of Space Explorers at a glance

At the same time as Spacewalkers, the responsible Felix & Paul Studios released another special episode entitled "ISS Tour with Victor Glover". In this episode, the ISS astronaut gives a tour of the space station. You can see 360 shots from previous Space Explorers episodes, along with Glover's explanations. Meanwhile, the astronaut can be seen in an AR video.


The following is a list of all Space Explorers ISS movies available to date.

The Space Explorers VR app also features two additional episodes filmed on Earth that follow astronauts as they prepare for their space missions.

By the way, the fourth ISS episode is not the end of Space Explorers. In the Oculus blog, Felix & Paul Studios writes about a new documentary series called Space Explorers: Mission to the Moon. The new series is expected to keep the production house busy for years to come.


Watch Space Explorers on Oculus TV in the best possible quality

Here's how you can find the VR movies in Oculus TV and watch them in the best possible quality:

  • Click on the appropriate movie link (see list above).
  • You will be redirected to the corresponding Oculus TV page. Log in to your Oculus or Facebook account, if necessary.
  • Click on "Watch later."
  • Put on your VR headset and open Oculus TV.
  • The movie should appear under the "Saved" section.
  • If you want to watch the movie in the best possible quality, select the three dots, then "Save in high quality" and finally "Cache". You may be asked to give permissions for caching.
  • If you have done everything correctly, the respective movie will be downloaded to your VR headset in the best quality. This version has a higher resolution than the streamed version.
  • If you want to delete the episode from the device, select the three points again, then "Delete from cache" and then "Delete".

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