Meta Quest 2: Best Free Games, Apps and Movies

Meta Quest 2: Best Free Games, Apps and Movies

There's a lot of top-notch content for Meta / Oculus Quest 2 for free. We've picked out the best free games, apps, and movies for you.


Note: Unless otherwise noted, all content listed here is also compatible with Oculus Meta Quest 1.

Good Game Demos for Meta / Oculus Quest 2

The following demos are definitely worth a look. With them, you can try out VR classics like Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer and Superhot VR for free.

  • Beat Saber: The king of all VR rhythm games and by far the most successful VR game.
  • Creed: Rise to Glory: A boxing game with a movie license that's guaranteed to make you sweat.
  • Dance Central: Learn to dance in VR by mimicking the moves of an avatar.
  • Journey of the Gods: A mystical action-adventure that you'll fight with sword and shield.
  • Space Pirate Trainer: The most famous and probably best wave shooter in virtual reality.
  • Sports Scramble: Tennis, bowling, and baseball for single or multiplayer.
  • Superhot VR: Fight Matrix-style and manipulate the flow of time in this VR classic.

VR games


Put your feet up and relax! Bait is an arcade fishing simulation that doesn't take itself too seriously. You fish at four different lakes and gradually unlock new equipment.

Bait! in the Quest Store


Echo VR

Do you love competitive team games? Then Echo VR is the right place for you.

Echo VR is Ender's Game for Meta Quest 2, pitting two teams against each other in a futuristic cyber hall. In complete weightlessness, you have to use your strength and thrusters to dash through the room, steal a disc from your opponents and send it into the opponent's goal.

Echo VR in the Quest Store

Rec Room

Rec Room is part VR hangout, part gaming platform, part world builder. Here you can play paintball and laser tag with others, engage in action adventures or battle royale battles, indulge in sports like soccer, disc golf, and bowling, or race go-karts. Creatives can create their own rooms and worlds, just like in Roblox.


Rec Room was originally only intended for VR users, but the platform has now opened up to classic 2D interfaces like PCs and consoles. So you won't only meet VR players.

Rec Room in the Quest Store

Tea for God

Tea For God constructs endless VR worlds out of corridors and rooms. If VR players get to the edge of the game area, the world artfully guides them past it or back to the center. Impossible overlapping spaces create the illusion that you're exploring a large complex, even though you're moving around in a four-square-meter area. Absolutely fascinating! Those who have the required space must try Tea for God.

The VR game is only available on App Lab, Meta's store for app experiments. To find the VR game, you need to search for "Tea for God" in the Quest Store. In the search results, click on "View App" under the "App Lab" category. After that, you should see Tea for God.


Tea for God in the App Lab

VR Movies

Henry & Dear Angelica

These two animated films emerged from Oculus Story Studios, Meta's early storytelling experimentation lab.

Henry tells the Pixar-style story of a hedgehog who would like to have friends but is prevented from doing so by his spikes: Every hug ends in disaster. Take a seat in Henry's living room and watch the action in 360 degrees.

Henry in the Quest Store


Dear Angelica tells the moving story of a young woman remembering her late mother. The VR film is special because it was drawn for and in virtual reality and is reminiscent of a walk-through, living painting. You'll discover new details with each successive playthrough.

Dear Angelica in the Quest Store

Felix & Paul Studios

This VR film studio is known for its high-quality 360-degree real films. Since 2013, Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël have been exploring the narrative and technical possibilities of the art form, and many of their wide-ranging and culturally valuable works are now available for free in Meta Quest 2.

  • Home Planet: A 360-degree video shot by astronauts in the ISS's Cupola observation tower, showing a full circumnavigation of the Earth from the space station's point of view. Available in the Space Explorers VR app in the Quest Store.
  • The People's House, Through the Ages, and Gymnasia: two documentaries featuring Barack Obama and a horror tale. Available in the Felix & Paul Studios VR app in the Quest Store.
  • Apatosaurus and Blue: two VR films that expertly mix live-action film and animation. Available in the Jurassic World VR app in the Quest Store.
  • Travelling While Black: This documentary explores racism in the U.S. and is available in the Travelling While Black VR app in the Quest Store.

Oculus Documentaries

The following VR documentaries were co-produced by Meta and offer a high technical standard. You can find them by entering their titles in Oculus TV. Goosebumps guaranteed!

  • Micro Monsters: Using special cameras and VR goggles, you'll be shrunk to the size of an ant and witness a fascinating yet terrifying microcosm.
  • Kingdom of Plants: Thanks to a 180-degree panorama, stereoscopic 3D effect and a razor-sharp image, the plants shown seem real enough to touch - and at times terrifying.
  • Inside COVID19: The documentary shows up close the consequences the viral disease can have on an individual and their family, creating a direct connection to the biggest health crisis of the century.
  • Surviving 9/11: The VR film tells the story of Genelle Guzman-McMillan, the last person to be recovered alive from the rubble of the World Trade Center.

How to watch VR movies in the best possible quality:

  • Click on the three dots in the image and select Save in High Quality first, then Cache. You may be asked to give permissions for caching.
  • If you have done everything correctly, the movie will be downloaded in the best quality. This version will have a higher resolution than the streamed version.
  • Once the download is complete, click on Your Media in Oculus TV. Once downloaded, the episode should appear here under Cached Media.
  • If you want to delete the episode from the device, click the three dots again and select Delete from Cache, then Delete.

VR Experiences

Quest Tutorials

If you missed these tutorials, be sure to give them a try. They show the strengths of various features of Meta Quest 2.

First Steps for Quest 2 in the Quest Store

Learn how to use the touch controllers and dance with a robot.


Oculus First Contact in the Quest Store


A graphically impressive introduction to touch controllers.

Bogo at Quest Store

Play with the eponymous virtual pet and learn the benefits of room-scale, wireless VR.


Elixir in the Quest Store

A playful introduction to optical hand tracking.

Anne Frank House VR

Enter a historically accurate recreation of Anne Frank's hiding place as it appeared during the Nazi occupation. Instead of bare walls like in the real Anne Frank House, you'll explore the living spaces of the Jewish residents, learn about their history and the difficult living conditions in the back house of Prinsengracht 263.

Anne Frank House VR in the Quest Store

The Under Presents

The Under Presents was an unusual experiment that combined live theater with the unique possibilities of VR. While there are no real actors involved in the experience, you may meet other players who are wandering around the whimsical, surreal world just like you.

"The Under Presents feels like an interactive painting by surrealist Salvadore Dalí. Yet I don't feel a stranger there. This is due in part to the excellent animation of the NPCs and the deft, seamless transition into multiplayer," writes fellow MIXED reviewer Ben in his review of The Under Presents.

The Under Presents in the Quest Store

Social VR apps

Virtual reality is a social medium. In addition to Rec Room, the following VR apps provide opportunities for socializing.

Bigscreen Beta

The name says it all: With this VR app, you can enjoy 2D media together on virtual screens and in a wide variety of environments.

You can watch your videos, rent movies or attend cinema screenings with your friends. MIXED colleague Ben tried out the VR cinema and was thrilled.

Bigscreen Beta in the Quest Store

vTime XR

This VR app focuses on a fundamental component of social interaction: conversation. Users can choose from more than 20 environments and then meet free of distractions on an idyllic mountainside, in the compartment of a moving night train, or in a Japanese garden. The variety of environments is great.

vTime XR in Quest Store


Like Rec Room, this platform thrives on the creative works of its user community. VRChat is not just a virtual meeting place, it offers a huge number of user-generated VR worlds just waiting to be discovered.

VRChat in the Quest Store

Media Player

VR Animation Player

Admire and walk through beautiful 3D scenes drawn by artists using the 3D painting app Quill in and for Virtual Reality.

VR Animation Player in the Quest Store

Youtube VR

Sit back and watch Youtube on a big screen. Supports hand tracking.

Youtube VR Quest Store

DeoVR Video Player

Got immersive videos in 180-degree, 360-degree and 3D downloaded? This app is guaranteed to play them for you.

DeoVR Video Player in the Quest Store