Meta Quest 2: Artist promises insane fractal VR movie in 3D 8K 60 FPS

Meta Quest 2: Artist promises insane fractal VR movie in 3D 8K 60 FPS

VR pioneer Julius Horsthuis is back with a new VR project that could be pretty awesome.

Horsthuis is a Dutch digital artist who specializes in computer graphics and visual effects. He has been experimenting with fractals since 2013 and made a name for himself with image- and sound-rich render videos.

"I want to create strange worlds, other dimensions, and special places that stimulate our imagination to the maximum," Horsthuis writes on his YouTube channel.

For the Oculus Rift's DK2, he created a series of 360-degree videos in which viewers visit animated landscapes made of fractals. His last virtual reality project was several years ago. He announced a new work in mid-January.

Fractal video in high quality

Recombination is the name of the VR album, which he says explores "various motifs of physics, mathematics, and biology" and, like all his works, is computed using the free fractal rendering software Mandelbulb3D, writes Road to VR. Recombination is said to include classic scenes from previous projects, among others, hence the name.


Horsthuis promises a more than half-hour VR trip into the world of fractals, this time in a stereoscopic 180-degree format, with 4,096 by 4,096 pixels per eye and 60 frames per second. The announcement trailer looks quite impressive.

Release in 2022

Recombination is scheduled for release later this year. The artist does not reveal for which VR headsets. A Meta Quest 2 can be seen in the trailer. It is quite possible that the video will appear on Oculus TV in addition to YouTube. The VR headset and video platform is designed for 8K videos.

On his website, Horsthuis lists older VR projects, some of which he still offers downloads for in MP4 video format. Fortunately, with YouTube VR and Oculus TV, it has become quite easy to watch and share immersive videos.

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